Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Dalton Defense Fund

  Going to be blunt on this one.  My friend paul's sister was widowed last month.  Her husband was twenty eight and died of brain cancer.  They have a four year old son named Dalton.  Paul's sister has one crappy shotgun that doesn't fit her, hurts her to shoot, and she has a hard time keeping it accessible during the night with Dalton constantly crawling into bed with Mommy.  She doesn't have much money after paying for the funeral although she does work full time.

  Yesterday she got hands on training from a friend of mine in law enforcement and was a natural with his Smith &  Wesson M&P standard 9mm.  As in far more accurate than her brother.  An M&P with a small safe and hopefully a light (just a Streamlight would work) would be ideal for her.  She can stow it safely yet access it easily.

  Let's crowd fund her a standard M&P 9mm and see if we can get her a safe and light.  Spare mags, a small bedframe mountable push button or thumb print gun safe, decent night sights, 9mm ammo of any type, a a pink backstrap for the pistol, and a decent WML (weapons mounted light) are also acceptable.

 You may send your donation to my friend's wife's (Dalton's aunt) PayPal account at

  Email with non monetary donations and I'll get you a snail mail address.

  Below is a pic of the family.

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