Thursday, April 17, 2014

Know how I know you open carry?

Springfield XD?  Eh.....not the best of choices but OK.  SERPA holster?  Shit choice, crap holster.

XD + SERPA = Open Carry, 90% certainty.  So many open carry guys carry this lower tier crap gear and guess what?  They don't shoot enough to see why it sucks and therefore, it is good enough for their usage which mainly entails shopping and eating fast food whilst sporting their crap gear.  Don't believe me?  Peruse

Also, just because the USMC adopted the SERPA, doesn't mean it's good.  See the MOLLE pack fiasco or watch this video from SouthNarc's training.

Seriously, if you MUST open carry with a retention holster, get a Safariland ALS.  If you are happy with the SERPA/XD combo. remember this Biblical verse:

Boobolitz 4:13 - yea verily, the shepherd of the sheep shalt go forth into the flock of the Lord, and thy shalt wearith thine Croatian divining rod of retribution upon thine body within the shell of holy kydex. Though the evils of the world, the neckbeards of Satan congregate at Walmart, the sons the Lord need not fear, as they shall be sheltered by the holy sheepdog. I say verily unto you, woof.

Below I have thrown together a quick list of trainers and organizations that recommend against or have disallowed the SERPA holster:


  1. I think what makes this combo a sure-fire derp marker is instead of buying something decent (like a Glock or M&P and a Safariland or whatevs) they spent the same money to get stuff that is worse yet has a bigger advertising budget.

  2. If you are too stupid to use a Serpa safely
    you don't need to be carrying anything

    1. You should watch the video in the blog post.....

  3. Gosh, I hope I have't offended a.....Sheepdog :)

  4. This definitely was the worst post since you started the blog. Even if it is a "shit choice", those guys are still gun owners, and any friend of the 2A is a good friend in these times. You might have considered going with education rather than insults, but hey, its your blog.

  5. Listen to this man's wisdom. I use an ALS holster while doing yardwork. Once when I was doing yard work, listening to some tunes on my headphones. Someone snuck up on me and was practically hanging off my gun trying to get it out of the holster. He ended up fertilizing my liberty trees.

  6. So does that mean all glock owners are elitist pricks.

  7. I'd take a Glock 9mm, a Walther PPQ, a new manufacture S&W M&P, a CZ....

  8. Xd butthurt is stronger than the Blackhawk! butthurt

  9. At least the SERPA has some retention and rigidity compared to the nylon crap that too many OCers seem to be in love with.